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 Descended from early Scots-Irish settlers in Southwest Virginia, C. W. Dean is the son of a U.S. Army officer and a school teacher.  He was set on his career track at age 5 when his father bought him his first camera.

     After college and U. S. Army service in Europe, South Vietnam and Cambodia,  C. W. moved to Abingdon, Virginia in 1971 where he purchased a professional photographic studio.   He moved his practice to Northern Virginia in 1983 and works from his home in the Mount Vernon area.

    Today he brings over four decades of experience in all types of photography to his portrait work.    C. W. specializes in portraits on location and has created several thousand that are displayed in homes across the United States as well as in several foreign countries.   He is also a specialist in the copy and restoration of old black & white  photographs.

     His craftsmanship and attention to detail have brought many subjects to him by referral from clients who have recognized the value of his work.   He has seen photographs made early in his career become priceless family heirlooms;  a few customers have returned again and again over the years to build a collection of prized family portraits.

                                                                   Biography by Fletcher B. Cox